White Water Rafting in Kerala

Published: 22nd February 2008
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White water rafting is a popular type of outdoor sport which attracts every outdoor sport lovers. Also called simply rafting, white water rafting is an exciting aquatic adventure that can be enjoyed by individuals of all skill levels with proper guidance and instruction.

White water rafting uses specialized rubber rafts that are very sturdy and flexible. These rafts can accommodate a wide range of people, depending on need and build, although eight to ten individuals is a standard number. All the rafters have paddles, which are used to guide and propel the raft through the water. With a trained guide, it is possible to have a raft with only one or two experienced people and a crew of novices, depending on the difficulty of the waters being rafted.

The excitement in white water rafting comes from the white water, a term referring to the level of turbulence in the river, or rapids. White water can be caused by changes in elevation to the riverbed, rocks or other obstacles in the water, and flow from snow melt and rain. White water rapids have a range of classes, from one, which indicates small, slow moving rapids that are safe for all levels of experience, to six, which indicates a dangerous and perhaps

When done with safety in mind white water rafting is a great adventure sport is great fun and fantastic way to get in touch with the outdoors.

White Water Rafting in Kerala

Kerala Rivers provide excellent opportunities for white water rafting. Bhoothathankettu is a perfect destination in Kerala for the white water rafting. Kerala being the land of rivers, lagoons and lakes in the interiors and the sea on the west, makes it an ideal destination for those inclined to white water rafting for relaxation and adventure.

Be swept along a rushing river in a rubber raft, tumble over rapids, plunge over waterfalls and feel the icy spray splash on your face, as your raft races along a mountain river in Kerala. Experience the thrill of white water rafting in Kerala.

River rafting in Kerala is an exhilarating experience that you can enjoy on your Indian Holiday. One of the best regions for river rafting in India is the Kerala White water rafting on Kerala Rivers is a popular adventure tourism activity in summer in South India, Kerala.

You will be given training by experienced river rafting instructors and guides. You will travel in groups in rafts, with an instructor at all times. Life jackets and other essential safety equipment are provided. You can stay overnight in luxury tents, pitched on beaches alongside the river, as we halt each night. You can also enjoy campfires and bonfire nights on river rafting tours in South India, Kerala. As you swoop and tumble over the rapids with exotic names such as 'Roller Coaster;' 'Crossfire' and 'The Wall' you will feel the excitement and heart-racing thrill of white water rafting.

Dev Sri invites you to try adventure tours of Kerala. With Adventure Kerala, you will enjoy adventure sports like mountaineering, rapelling, rock climbing, river crossing, and a whole lot of adventure activities.

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